Present Continuous


conceived, choreographed and directed
collaborating choreographer
lighting design
sound design


After having collected the movements and gestures of passersby with the project Casual Bystanders and developed game and social dynamic standards with the project Twister, Salvo Lombardo continues with Present Continuous in his research into the relationship between memory, perception and movement by observing real life. In this case, the choreography is “derivative” once again and often calls upon “ready-made” gestures. The performance is based on the shared memory of the same experience – an evening in a night club – during which, performers observed and appropriated a system of postures, motor-actions and relational means of those present. In every daily act we produce tracks that attest to our being in the world. We immortalise surrogates of reality, bodiless mists, which nail events to an eternal present, spreading themselves on our behalf and reproducing a fixed condition that excludes any real relationship with their original subject. Present Continuous simply seeks to mark the points of a choreographic narrative that has been developed on the basis of the negotiation of memory through the sharing of reproducible motor sequences. The memory of real movement intertwines with a subjective micro-narrative that reveals the emotional life of the performer in their attempt to reconfigure a shared memory of movement and the experience it created, which, exploding from its actual re-enactment, leaves the “now” and becomes bounded to a future in the making.


Festival Oriente Occidente


Chiasma, Versiliadanza with the support of DiD Studio – Ariella Vidach AiEP, Versilia Danza, Anghiari Dance Hub, Teatri di Vita special thanks to Studio Azzurro – Area Ricerca Progressiva


40 minutes